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CAC Fellowship


Queering the Archive: Electric Bach & Ysaye | Oct 14, 2022

Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA | Performer & Electronics Composer

A muted violin signal is fed through automated and pre-programmed digital effects meant to highlight, distort, delay, break apart, and queer the phrases and gestures of traditional compositions often studied within elitist and patriarchal frameworks

This video is already excerpted, total time is 3:39'



Musickers Of Our Time | Hassan Estakhrian

World premiere October 27, 2022

Stanford Re-Presence Artist Residency, Center for Computer Research in Music Acoustics, Stanford University, CA

A theatrical musical performance in which musicians or "musickers" battle through improvisation techniques in a game-show like process. The outcomes are not pre-determined and the piece, deeply satirical in nature, forces us to question the ways in which participate in constructed competitive expectations

Suggested viewing:

Narration Introduction (00:38- 01:58')

"Machine Sudden Death Round" (9:38' - end)



Oceans | Original composition for bassoon quartet discussing issues of ocean pollution

Commissioned by LuftBassoons with the support of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona. Selected for virtual premiere at the International Meg Quigley Vivaldi Bassoon Symposium 2021. Selected in January 2022 by the same symposium for a group performance 0f 60+ bassoonists from around the world (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ).

Suggested viewing Intro (00:42") and Mvt: III: Sea Life (05:33") 

Note: Click on chapters in video description for easy navigating

See additional uploaded application materials for accompanying score or click here

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