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Idealism from Études | June 2021

Electro-acoustic debut solo EP

Writing/Performance/Production/Mixing by Samantha Bounkeua

Mastering by Martina Albano

The Grief Manuscript | March 2021

Collaborative art film based on text from Elizabeth Frankie Rollins

Directing/Video & Audio Production/Piano Scoring by Samantha Bounkeua

Art Direction by Cyane Tornatszky

Other visual art contributions by artists nationally

Wald Tellurian Dance Premiere |  January 2021

Commission from Hawkins Dance Company, premiered at Breaking Ground Contemporary Dance Festival

Composition/Production by Samantha Bounkeua

Oceans | Jan 2021

Commission from LuftBassoons, premiere acceptance into international Meg Quigley Vivaldi Symposium

Composition/Audio Recording by Samantha Bounkeua

Performance from LuftBassoons

Letting Go |  April 2020

Stop motion/Production/Composition by Samantha Bounkeua

Glass Bottle Heart | October 2019

Single release from Sapphocracy

Writing/Violin/Coproduction by Samantha Bounkeua

Mixing/Drums/Coproduction by Jeffery Anthony

Vocals by Erin Henderson

Binational Encuentro, "Sugar Stains" | October 2018

Headlining performance with internationally acclaimed performance artist Nina Yhared

Live music performance by Samantha Bounkeua

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