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Personal Work

Title: Idealism

Role: Composer, Producer, Performer & Recording Engineer

Date: June 2021

Location: Tucson, Arizona

“Idealism” is from my solo EP “Etudes”  a collection of acoustic-electric songs that is in itself an étude in which each piece is a production exercise implementing a different musical technique. The collection also seeks ways in which we might find catharsis and overcome narratives of our younger selves.

Title: Musickers Of Our Time by Hassan Estakhrian

Role: Performer

Date: October 27, 2022

Location: Stanford Re-Presence Artist Residency, Center for Computer Research in Music Acoustics, Stanford University, CA

World premiere of a theatrical musical performance in which musicians or "musickers" battle through improvisation techniques in a game-show like process. The outcomes are not pre-determined and the piece, deeply satirical in nature, forces us to question the ways in which participate in constructed competitive expectations. 

Suggested viewing:

Narration Introduction (00:38- 01:58')

"Machine Sudden Death Round" (9:38' - end)

Title: Queering the Archive: Electric Bach & Ysaye

Role: Electronic music composer, Performer

Date: October 2022

Location: Indexical, Santa Cruz, CA 

A muted violin signal is fed through automated and pre-programmed digital effects meant to highlight, distort, delay, break apart, and queer the phrases and gestures of traditional compositions often studied within elitist and patriarchal frameworks.

This video is already excerpted, total time is 3:39'

Title: The Grief Manuscript

Role: Director, Video Editor/Producer, Composer, Stop-motion 

Date: March 2021

Location: Tucson, Arizona

The Grief Manuscript is a multi-media collaborative response to the raw and imagistic language of the book by Frankie Rollins speaking to the dream-like and repeating gestures of loss we experience on a personal and global level, while illustrating the power of art-making as salve. 

Selected feature in Creation In Isolation, Groundworks Art Show Case, Tucson, AZ, April 2021

Title: Wald Tellurian

Role: Composer/Producer

Date: January 2021

Location: Tempe Center for the Arts, Tempe, Arizona

Commission from Hawkins Dance Company, premiered at Breaking Ground Contemporary Dance Festival, choreographed by Shelly Hawkins. Roughly translated as "beings of the woods," Wald Tellurian examines the concept of a dying world caused by humanity and the collapse of life on earth.

Title: Oceans

Role: Composer

Date: January 2021

Commissioned by LuftBassoons with the support of the Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona. Selected for virtual premiere at the International Meg Quigley Vivaldi Bassoon Symposium 2021. Selected in January 2022 by the same symposium for a group performance 0f 60+ bassoonists from around the world (University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ).

Suggested viewing Intro (00:42") and Mvt: III: Sea Life (05:33") 

Note: Click on chapters in video description for easy navigating

Title: Letting Go |  April 2020

Role: Animator, Composer, Performer

Date: April 2020

A personal creative pandemic response and short reflection piece, supported by a grant from the Arts Foundation of  Southern Arizona.

Title: Glass Bottle Heart 

Role: Songwriter, Co-Producer, Performer

Date: October 2019

A queer, indie pop release from Sapphocracy, written in a divinatory poetics class as a response to a tarot card depicting a gender-queer mer-person holding a glass bottle in the shape of a heart.

Title: Sugar Stains

Role: Performer, Composer, Sound Producer

Year: October 2018

Location: MSA Annex, Tucson, Arizona

Sugar Stains was a world premiere and headlining performance collaboration w/ internationally acclaimed Mexican performance artist, Niña Yhared. The soundtrack uses both live and pre-composed samples created from recording amplified sugar on metal, and is layered with live looping of distorted violin melodies based on a Mexican folk song. The Binational Encuentro was a ten day conference hosted by the University of Arizona bringing light to the female migration and border crossing experience. This composition includes electronic violin looping based on a Mexican folk song. 

Suggested viewing:

See marker 2:47 for start of folk song

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